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Clean Energy Financing

The ability to overcome financing barriers is critical for scaling up clean energy, energy efficiency, and renewable energy resources. The major financing barriers are:

  • Limited Availability of Internal and External Financing
  • Lack of Adequate Information and Communication Regarding Financing Needs and Issues
  • High Project Development and Transaction Costs
  • Limited Capability for Identification and Management of Risks
  • Lack of Technical and Institutional Capacity
  • Limited Understanding and Access to Tax Equity, Cash Equity, and Debt Financing
  • Optimum Use of Investment and Production Tax Credits
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Need for Financing Solutions

While a wide range of financing programs and approaches have been utilized by project developers, governments, and IFIs (such as debt and equity financing; incentives, grants and subsidies; and fiscal initiatives), financing remains a major barrier to the scaling up of clean energy deployment.

SRC Global Services

  • Identification of International and Local Financing Sources
  • Development of Innovative Financing Mechanisms
  • Identification of Sources for Tax Equity, Cash Equity, and Debt Financing
  • Training of Clean Energy Project Developers with Respect to Needs of Financing Organizations
  • Development of Templates and Checklists for Financing Proposals
  • Preparation of Cash Flow Projections and Financial Pro-Formas
  • Technical and Financial Due Diligence of Clean Energy Projects
  • Identification of Risks and Development of Risk Management Techniques
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