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Hours of Operation
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Project Development

SRC Global has over 30 years of experience in the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and cogeneration project development spanning all continents. The company has developed U.S. assets in the following states: Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Florida, Ohio, and New Jersey.

Core Competencies

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  • Solar and Wind Resource Assessments
  • Identification of Optimal Sites for Development
  • Fatal Flaw Analysis
  • SALDO (Subdivision and Land Development)
  • Environmental Studies
  • Archaeological Assessments
  • Interconnection and Grid Infrastructure Support
  • Licensing and Permitting
  • FAA Permits for Solar and Wind Sites
  • Assistance to Project Developers in Preparing “Bankable” Proposals
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • Wind and Solar Portfolio Acquisitions
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of Renewable Energy Facilities


  • Geothermal power projects – various sizes

Project Portfolio

Solar Panels


  • 683 MW Tracking Solar PV Facility in Texas
  • 30 MW Solar PV in Central Pennsylvania
  • Two 4.5 MW Net Metering Projects in Pennsylvania
  • Portfolio of 5 Community Solar Projects in Pennsylvania


  • Pennsylvania – 350,000 MWh
  • Texas – 300,000 MWh

Dedicated Solar Facilities

SRC Global offers services to commercial, industrial, and municipal organizations services related to site selection and development of industrial-grade solar facilities to provide electric power for their own use.

  • Site Selection and Land Development
  • Critical Issues Assessment
  • Environmental Studies
  • Architectural and Cultural Assessment
  • Geotechnical Assessment
  • Interconnection and Grid Infrastructure
  • FAA Certification (if Needed)
  • Financial Structuring (if Needed)
  • Licensing and Permitting
Solar Panels on Building Roof