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Why Clean Energy Financing?

Financing barriers are the most important barriers to the scaling up of clean energy (energy effieincy and renewable energy resources. The major financing barriers are:

Limited availability of internal and external financing
Lack of adequate information and communication regarding financing needs and isseus
High project development and transaction costs
Limited capability for identification and management of risks
Lack of technical and institutional capacity

Solar Panels and Wind Turbines

Need for Financing Solutions

While a wide range of financing programs and approaches have been utilized by governments and IFIs (such as debt and equity financing; incentives, grants and subsidies; and fiscal initiatives), financin remains a major barrier to the scaling up of clean energy deployment.

SRC Global Services

Identification of international and local financing sources
Development of innovative financing mechanisms
Training of clean energy project developers with respect to needs of financing organizations
Development of templates and checklists for financing proposals
Preparation of cash flow projections and financial pro-formas
Technical and financial due diligence of clean energy projects
Identification of risks and development of risk management techniques.